What Is Bereavement?

Bereavement is a time of grief and mourning over someone who has died. While intense sadness and sense of loss is part of a normal grieving process, a bereavement can sometime lead to some individuals to struggle to resume daily life and normal functioning. Bereavement counselling can help reduce the level of distress, move through the grieving process and adjust to life without the deceased. If you feel you cannot cope well, talk to us. Our psychologists can provide the necessary support to help you.

Our Expertise


Nothing can help us prepare for the loss of a loved one. Grieving is a normal process, however over time, constant powerful emotion can lead to neglecting oneself, one’s family, work commitments and over a period of time lead to depression. Our Psychologists at Spectrum Health can help you cope more effectively with your grief through tailored counselling to your circumstance. Our psychologists have years of experience and can explore any area in which you are having difficulties.

How We Can Help

Our psychologists will speak to you, exploring and understanding your past, symptoms and presenting the problems. Furthermore, we will use techniques that can assist you to cope with your emotion as a healing process. The therapy can involve coming to terms with the loss, working with emotional pain, adjusting to life without the deceased, managing emotions and building awareness.

Our psychologists are professionally trained to support and help you to cope with your loss. Grief therapy can help you with grief reaction. The aim of this treatment is to help the bereaved to identify and express their feelings.

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Then book in for a 30 min informal chat with one of our clinicians in person or by phone.

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