What Is Chronic Pain ?

Chronic pain may be defined as pain which continues to cause distress after the expected time of healing has passed. Often medical treatments have only partially relieved the symptoms and in many cases chronic pain sufferers have exhausted all medical treatment options. The result is a condition which can lead to difficulties in many areas of one’s life (work, social activities and family relationships). Often it can lead to a sense frustration at oneself or the situation. 

Our Expertise

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Our Psychologists have been trained to work with people suffering with chronic pain and can provide support in ongoing change or adjustments to the situation more effectively. At Spectrum Therapy our Psychologists will not be dismissive of your difficulty. We are aware that you may be in almost constant pain at times and that this may be taking energy from other areas of your life.


How We Can Help


Psychologists can help you to put your life back in balance so that the effects of chronic pain are much less a part of your everyday life. Supportive techniques are also employed to assist you and throughout this process, your strengths and resilience will be emphasised. We will also take time to reflect on addressing the meaning of the chronic pain in terms of your life experience and how one can learn to move forward.

Not Sure We Can Help

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