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Spectrum Therapy is Ireland's largest network of Psychology and Counselling clinics, with 19 locations across Cork, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Westmeath and Wicklow. Our Psychologists can provide evidence-based therapy for a wide wide range of anxiety issues through face to face counselling, video counselling or over the phone. The anxiety issues we specialise in include:

Anxiety Attacks

An Anxiety Attack consists of at least 4 of the following symptoms: heart palpitations, sweating, trembling, difficulty breathing, feeling of choking, chest pain, nausea, dizziness, feeling unreal or detached, numbness or tingling sensations, chills or hot flushes, fear of dying, or fear of going crazy or losing control.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety (or chronic shyness) is an extreme apprehension about social situations, in which the person anticipates being negatively evaluated or examined by others. The fear of criticism or scrutiny can be most severe when meeting strangers or in situations where evaluation from others is likely.

General Anxiety Disorder

General Anxiety Disorder is long-term and intense worry about a variety of events and situations (e.g. health, work, death, family, future etc.). Individuals with General Anxiety Disorder tend to jump to the worst possible conclusions (e.g. a phone call not returned is interpreted as a sign of the end of the relationship).

Health Anxiety

Health anxiety is an extended preoccupation or excessive concern for one’s health. Those experiencing health anxiety is convinced that a serious illness is imminent and tends to focus much attention on possible symptoms of the perceived illness. People with health anxiety often misinterpret physical symptoms of anxiety as signs of an illness. 


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