What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the high demand for Spectrum Therapy sessions, a cancellation fee of 50% may apply if you do not provide more than 48 hours’ notice. This is up to the discretion of your Psychologist and they will discuss this with you if necessary.

Is Psychology covered by VHI/Aviva/Laya/Glohealth?


  •  Please note every insurance company has different criteria for covering psychology sessions depending on; 1) your particular policy and 2) the type of Psychologist who carries out the treatment. Some insurance companies do not provide any cover at all for mental health services. So we do recommend you check with them.
  • Your policy may provide you with some level of cover i.e. you may get full or partial reimbursement of the session fee. However please note there may be a maximum number of sessions you can claim for.
  •  Some insurance companies require your treatment to be carried out by a particular type of Psychologist, for example a Clinical Psychologist while others do not have this requirement. Again, as this depends on your insurance company we recommend you check with them before making a booking.

Adult Counselling

Your policy may require the Psychologist to be a Clinical Psychologist and a member of the clinical division of the Psychological Society of Ireland. Some do not have this requirement as long as the Psychologist is a member of the Psychological Society of Ireland. We advise that you check with your particular insurance company to confirm if sessions will be covered and to what extent.

Child Counselling

Some companies will accept claims for treatment carried out by a Psychologist who is a member of the Psychological Society of Ireland, however some require this Psychologist to be a Clinical Psychologist who is also a member of the Division of Clinical Psychology. We advise that you check with your particular insurance company to confirm if sessions will be covered and to what extent.


Can I claim tax relief on my visits?

Yes you can claim tax relief on all of your visits using the Med 1 form.

Are your Psychologists members of the PSI (Psychological Society of Ireland)?

Yes they are all members of the PSI and all hold current professional indemnity insurance. There are different branches of the PSI for the different types of Psychology and each type of Psychologist is a member of the corresponding branch.

Are your Psychologists Clinical Psychologists? What qualifications do your psychologists have?

We have 3 different types of Psychologists;

Clinical Psychologists:  who hold a doctorate and a primary degree in Psychology.

Counselling Psychologists: who hold a doctorate in counselling psychology and a primary degree in Psychology. Counselling Psychologists are trained in various therapeutic approaches such as EFT, CBT, Person Centred, and Psychodynamic approaches.

Educational Psychologists: who have a Master’s degree in educational psychology and a primary degree in Psychology.

What’s the difference between Clinical and Counselling psychologists?

In the UK and other countries there is very little distinction between the two types and both can assess and treat the same conditions. The Doctorate in Counselling Psychology is new in Ireland and Trinity College are awarding the doctorate fully accredited by the Psychological Society of Ireland. There is also work being done to have Counselling Psychology covered by the VHI as with Clinical Psychology but this may take time.

Can they do EFT (Emotion-Focused Therapy) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)?

Yes. Counselling Psychologists are all trained in these different types of therapy and will explain the best approach for you and tailor your therapy with you on your first visit.

Do I need 30 or 60 minutes?

If you have been sent by your GP or a Specialist we would recommend 60 minutes. However if you are not sure if you need psychology or if psychology is the right approach for you, we would recommend the 30 minute informal chat.

Do the Psychologists use evidenced based approaches?

Yes. An evidence-based approach (such as CBT or EFT) is one which has been tested against alternative methods by leading universities and gained international recognition.  We don’t just stick to one evidence-based treatment but adapt our approach to ensure that we are following what is best for your individual circumstance.