What Is General Anxiety Disorder?

General Anxiety Disorder is long-term and intense worry about a variety of events and situations (e.g. health, work, death, family, future etc.). Individuals with General Anxiety Disorder tend to jump to the worst possible conclusions (e.g. a phone call not returned is interpreted as a sign of the end of the relationship). GAD is much more debilitating and impairing than general everyday worry as worrying in GAD is persistent, intrusive and extreme. Worrying in GAD feels extremely upsetting, distinctly uncontrollable and extends to a range of topics. If you are suffering with GAD our clinical psychologists can provide the necessary treatment to help you manage and relieve your symptoms.

Our Expertise

 General Anxiety Disorder

General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is an anxiety condition which can be greatly alleviated through attendance of psychology treatment. Psychologists at Spectrum Therapy provide expert treatment for generalised anxiety disorder, offering those suffering with the disorder an opportunity to reduce the effects of their condition.

All of our Psychologists are fully qualified and hold a current membership of the Psychological Society of Ireland.

How We Can Help

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: 

You will be encouraged to explore the exact nature of your worrying thoughts and understand how these thoughts may influence how you feel and act. The Psychologist will prompt you to view your worries in an alternative and more helpful way. People with GAD may also hold beliefs that worrying is beneficial but in reality focusing on “what if” scenarios is entirely unproductive and damaging so this tendency to try to solve problems that have not happened, or becoming preoccupied by catastrophe will be challenged.

Mindfulness & Relaxation Training:

Mindfulness and relaxation training can be very helpful in minimising the disabling effect of bodily symptoms of anxiety where you will learn self-soothing skills to help calm your body. You will be strongly supported in ‘sitting with’ feelings of anxiety, as this approach allows the anxiety to reduce naturally without avoiding or fighting it. Alongside this approach, you will be encouraged to make collaboratively agreed life-style changes which support moving on from anxiety.


For some people, it may be useful to explore the origins of their GAD at a deeper level. A Psychologist may facilitate exploration of the influence of childhood experiences on the GAD. The aim of such discussion is to make you aware of any long-held unconscious patterns, which may be inhibiting progress on symptoms of GAD.

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