What is Post Natal Depression?

Postnatal Depression usually occurs within the first year of having a baby sometimes within the first 4-6 weeks. Symptoms can include feeling constantly low, irritable or anxious but not knowing why. Some women can feel like crying and not know why, feel lonely despite people being around or generally feel inadequate. Sometimes there is a lack of interest towards the baby and no bond is being formed. This can lead to a sense of confusion or alienation as there is an expectation by some that time with a new born must be joyous. PND is more common than people think, between 8 and 28% of women in Ireland suffer from it and yet it often goes undiagnosed. 

How We Can Help

Our psychologist will speak to you, exploring and understanding your past, symptoms and presenting the problems. Furthermore, we will use techniques that can assist you to cope with your emotion as a healing process. The therapy can involve coming to terms with the loss, working with emotional pain, adjusting to life without the deceased, managing emotions and building awareness.

Our psychologists are professionally trained to support and help you to cope with your loss. Grief therapy can help you with grief reaction. The aim of this treatment is to help the bereaved to identify and express their feelings.

Our Expertise

We are aware that there are numerous different possible causes of Postnatal Depression. Biological factors, relationship stresses, changes in lifestyle or even changes in expectations of motherhood can all affect a new mother. Personal history and social circumstance can also contribute to the condition and are worth acknowledging. There can be a combination of causes, unique to the individual mother and these need to be explored, understood and overcome. Postnatal Depression can often go untreated as many new mums are reluctant to admit feeling down, there can be a fear of being judged or appearing not appreciative of their baby, however women who have postnatal depression respond well to treatment and those who are treated early recover faster than those treated later.

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