What is Relationship Counselling?


Relationships can go through challenging times when couples may find they are drifting apart, having increased arguments or losing the intimacy or sex life they once had. There may be an increasing pattern of arguments which is threatening the future of the relationship. There are many causes such as stress, depression, lack of communication and change in circumstance. Other issues such as a partner’s addiction or infidelity may also be causing conflict to be more and more frequent. This can lead either partner to feel overwhelmed and that the relationship is at risk.

Our Expertise

Our Psychologists aim to understand what each person believes to be the difficulty in the relationship. By listening attentively to each person they can help the couple hear what they are saying to each other in a new way. By summarising how the psychologist experiences the couple there can be a change in the view of a relationship over time. Through supportive techniques our Psychologists can put your relationship on the right track again. How to avoid future conflicts or deal with challenging times can also be highlighted.



Sessions are between 1 and 1.5 hours and will focus on finding a direction for change to occur. Over time couples will be better able to recognise and manage differences by learning techniques to improve communication, understand each other more effectively and resolve conflict. A new healthy secure attachment to each other is the goal of the therapy where communication is open and honest and new patterns of interaction are in place. As a result of this there can be an increase in intimacy and fulfilment from the relationship. 

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